Public Art

Wednesday August 15th, 2012

Photo credit: Dan Fairchild Photography (c)


The Open Air Museum. Art in unexpected places. Art without walls or “Do Not Touch” signs. The historic photograph we took at the A-maze-ing Laughter celebration personifies what we do. Great contemporary art, accessible for all in the community to experience, enjoy, explore, think about, talk about, gather around, have fun with and be inspired by.

With each exhibition we hope to create an open dialogue about the importance of art in public spaces by showcasing a diversity of artistic mediums, aesthetic sensibilities and cultural perspectives. And somehow we always manage to find a few superstars that raise the bar altogether. First it was the “upside down church”, this time it’s A-maze-ing Laughter. The question now is, “What comes next?”

We plan to continue this momentum into our 2013-15 exhibition and would love you to join us as we travel the world in search great art! You can stay engaged with the Vancouver Biennale by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram.

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