Shiny Water: Amazing Sculpture from China's Jun Ren

Monday June 29th, 2009


It’s coming by boat from a mysterious land on the other side of the Pacific ocean.  It’s a massive, mercurial sculpture from China’s Jun Ren.

Shiny Water is what it’s called and when it’s complete it will be over 30 meters long (90′ to you imperial-types) and will weigh in at around 7 tonnes.  It’s a giant incongruous silver splash that balances at a central point; it looks almost like a set of liquid wings taking flight or from another angle like an eel slithering at light speed then frozen in a moment.

I hope to be able to document the arrival and installation of this piece to the city when it happens.  The location for the installation has not yet been confirmed but I will pass on that info as soon as we know.

junrenAbout Jun Ren:

Jun Ren was born in 1961 and graduated from the sculpture department of Xi’an Acadamy of Fine Arts. His studio was founded in 1992 and has since become known for producing some of the finest ‘urban sculpture’ in China.

Jun Ren’s vision for revealing the importance of public art through sculpture has spanned cities from South to the North of China, including many emerging industrial cities.  His work embodies a spirit of heroism that reflects the political, economic, cultural and historical characteristics and contradictions that flow through this time of great transition in Chinese Society.

Most of his sculptures are made out of Stainless steel and cast copper and have been installed in more than a hundred cities in China.

Jun Ren’s unique urban sculptures are known for their distinctive elegance, their size and their poetic lines that reflect the vigorousness of China’s public cultural temperament.  There is also a sense of adaptability and timelessness in his work and it has been noted that his works tend to change over time, adapting to the landscape as the seasons change and years pass.

Below is a photo taken of Shiny Water being built.


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