Vancouver Biennale Salutes Vancouver Is

Thursday September 3rd, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, as if you didn’t already know

That’s right, everyone’s favourite local website is now a ‘community-based non-profit organization dedicated to the study, promotion and preservation of Vancouver arts and culture, with a positive spin’.  Word up!

To celebrate this VIA threw a party at the amazing new Fortune Sound Club located in Chinatown.  Super sweet throwdown!  Tonnes of people having a blast, amazing music, the sound system was off the leash and the ambiance was 100% lit octane.

I had a great time.  Congratulations to Bob Kronbauer and the whole team at Vancouver is Awesome!  All of us at the Vancouver Biennale look forward to working with you and collaborating on future projects.

The Fortune Sound Club is a really nice space.  The stairwell leading up to the main floor is covered by a Shepard Fairey wallpaper installation which is worth a look for anyone like me, who is interested in the work of the street art master himself.

Here’s a shot that I took last night.  Awesome!

Like what you see?