Vancouver Biennale Welcomes the Legendary Charles Jencks

Wednesday September 30th, 2009

CharlesJencks4Charles Jencks and Vancouver Biennale President Barrie Mowatt share a laugh.  Photo by Dan Fairchild.

The Vancouver Biennale proudly welcomes Dr. Charles Jencks to our city, where he will be giving two public lectures as part of the Vancouver Biennale Speaker Series. Dr. Jencks has lectured at over forty universities throughout the world including Peking, Shanghai, Paris, and Harvard as well as various public museums.

He is sure to inspire and engage the Vancouver audience.

CharlesJencks2Mr. Jencks gets a shot of Bernar Venet’s 217.5 X 13.  Photo by Dan Fairchild.

Dr. Jencks is the author of many books on architectural history and criticism including the groundbreaking “The Language of Postmodern Architecture”. He has become a leading figure in British landscape architecture for projects including the Landform at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. He is also a furniture designer and sculptor, completing the DNA Sculpture in Royal Botanical Kew Gardens.

Dr. Jencks, along with Maggie Keswick Jencks, is a founder of Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centers, where architecture and the environment are designed to uplift, reassure and revive the spirit of those living with cancer.

CharlesJencks3Charles Jencks becomes a part of the Vancouver landscape.  Photo by Dan Fairchild.

October 1, 2009, in partnership with the Simon Fraser University City Program, “Artland Versus Sculpture Park: Choices Facing Public Art”. SOLD OUT!!!

October 3, 2009, in partnership with the Vancouver Institute, an illustrated talk titled,  “The Garden of Cosmic Speculation: Nature Talking to Nature”.

Please note that Charles Jencks will be available for select interviews while in Vancouver. Media is asked to please contact the Vancouver Biennale at (604) 682-1289 to schedule times.

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