Video Games Imitate Art Imitating Life: For Kids, Parents, Educators

Thursday July 15th, 2010
Awesome collaboration between the Vancouver Biennale and MOD7

Awesome video game collaboration between the Vancouver Biennale and MOD7!

What a great way for kids, parent and educators to learn about and interact with the Vancouver Biennale sculptures and exhibits!

The good folks at MOD7 have created a super cool game based around Vancouver’s open spaces, Biennale art works and art thieves! That’s right, you get to stop the art thieves from perpetrating their dastardly crimes on our beautiful public art exhibitions!

The Vancouver Biennale is pleased to introduce” The Case of the English Bay Bandits“, a new and fun game for the family to enjoy this summer. Catch the Shadow Collector, the notorious art thief, before he escapes, and claim your reward!

Have you spotted Freezing Water #7 at Vanler Park? Did you see the laughing bronzes in English Bay? There are more of these eye-catching art installations – Take a tour to explore arts with nature the green way this summer. Look for maps and directions on our website.

For parents and educators: click here to access intriguing learning resources including an in-depth look at the Vancouver Biennale art installations. These resources include a set of lesson plan designed to encourage active, engaged, inquiry based learning through art. All lesson plans have been field tested and offer suggested activities, curriculum challenges, and the opportunity for the students to express their creativity.

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Sign in and Play!

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