We’ve got a cure for your winter blues – MORE BLUE!

Tuesday March 15th, 2011

blue trees blog pic
We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of International artist, Konstantin Dimopoulos! We guarantee you will literally stop in your tracks when you see what Kon has in store for the Vancouver Biennale.

Kon will be creating blue forests on the City of Richmond, Port Moody and West Vancouver. That’s right, this installation will be in THREE cities – it’s just that good. The work is called, The Blue Trees. These awe inspiring trees will be sure to brighten up your day and hopefully get you talking.

Intended to be “social art action,” says Dimopoulos he hopes that his work will be part of a larger international discussion with the hopes of blue forests in cities worldwide. Each year an area at least the size of Belgium of native forests is cleared from around the planet. So much a part of our daily lives, they are the lungs of the planet and attention must be paid.

Colour is a powerful stimulant, a means of altering perception and defining space and time. The fact that blue is a colour that is not naturally identified with trees suggests to the viewer that something unusual, something out of the ordinary has happened. It becomes a magical transformation.

The colour used on the trees is biologically safe pigmented water. As an ephemeral artwork, the colour will naturally degrade and the trees gradually revert to their natural state.

Spring break is almost here so we hope to see everyone at The Blue Trees sites!

Colouring Dates:
http://www.theartmarket.ca/event/blue-trees-richmond-bc March 17-21
Port Moody Blue Trees March 22-26
West Vancouver Blue Trees March 30-April 2

Receptions & Talks
March 27 Port Moody Reception
April 7th Richmond Lecture

We are so excited to welcome Kon to the Vancouver Biennale Family of Arists. Stat tuned – Frequent updates and pictures of the project’s progress will be posted on our Facebook, and twitter as well as on our blog.

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