The Dough Portraits

Soren Dahlgaard, Denmark/Australia


Title: The Dough Portraits
Artist: Soren Dahlgaard (b. 1973, Denmark)
Medium: Posters/Photography
Dimensions: 2 Collector Edition portfolios = 10 posters at 33cm x 48cm (13in x 19in) & 3 Special Edition posters at 121cm x 183cm (48in x 72in)
Weight: N/A

Soren Dahlgaard made his Canadian debut with his public art performance, The Dough Portraits, at the 2009 – 2011 Vancouver Biennale. Vancouverites were invited to participate and collaborate with the artist in the creation of this photo series in September 2010. Originally launched at the Danish National Gallery in 2008,
 The Dough Portraits project continues to travel throughout the world, including exhibitions in London, England, Brasilia, Brazil, Kosovo and the Maldives.

According to Dahlgaard, the dough head represents an identity in transition. β€œIt is quite a universal idea, since people from all cultures of the world can relate to both identity and dough, in the form of bread, nan, noodles, and pasta. Yet, when the dough is placed on the face of people and in an art context, the familiar object transforms into something different.”