Outstanding Photos of Vancouver Biennale Sculpture Wind Waves

Monday March 8th, 2010
Wind Waves Jon Chiang

Jon Chiang's Excellent Photo of Wind Waves at Garry Point, Richmond.

Local photographer and blogger Jon Chaing has been doing an excellent job of capturing some of the great public art and sculpture featured by the Vancouver Biennale lately.

I first came across Jon’s work via his cool blog, nobuddyreads, where he showcases his photos of events and scenes from around Vancouver.  The first photos that I saw by him were some great shots of Yue Minjun’s A-Mazing Laughter.

Since then Jon has started something called the Vancouver Biennale Project on his blog which showcases more of his work.  I’m looking forward to watching the collection of excellent photos continue to grow.

Wind Waves jon Chiang 02

Approaching dusk. A cyclist enjoys an elevated view of Garry Point, Richmond. Photo by Jon Chiang.

Thank you, Jon, for taking such great photos!  Below is some information on the sculpture and the artist, Yvonne Domenge + 1 final epic shot by Jon.

Olas de Viento (Wind Waves), Painted bronze by Yvonne Domenge (Mexico)

This intense red circular form of rhythmic and undulating curves and movement is reflective of the oceans waves within a contained form.

Selected by the Director of the Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City to represent Mexico, this work was created specifically for the Vancouver Biennale and a beach promontory.

Much of the work of Mexican sculptor Yvonne Domenge references nature, architecture and a fascination with form and geometry.

In this intense red circular form Domenge provides us with an elegant decorative form full of curves and movement.

The circular form is rhythmic and undulating creating the sense of a waving motion within a contained form.

Working in materials as diverse as wood, stone, cement, clay, marble, carbon steel, porcelain, silver and resin, Domenge has had more than forty individual exhibitions and participated in close to 200 group exhibitions in cities across Mexico, the United States, Canada, China and Europe, including the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

In addition to being recognized for her artistic and creative work, Domenge has also engaged in the mentoring of young sculptors and in projects addressing social issues, such as housing programs in the State of Chiapas (Programa Emergente de Vivienda para Chiapas Nuevo Milenio) as well as creating sculptures with the participation of the inhabitants of the Buenos Aires neighborhood, a low-income housing area in Mexico City.

For additional information visit www.domenge.com

Wind Waves Jon Chiang 03

Gorgeous texture. Coastal Mountains silhouetted behind Wind Waves. Photo by Jon Chiang.

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