Sunny Day in Richmond with Water #10: Vancouver Biennale

Tuesday March 9th, 2010
Jon Chiang Water Richmond 01

Jun Ren's mercurial Water #10 on a sunny winter day. Photo by Jonathon Pope.

Yesterday I posted some excellent photos of Yvonne Domenge’s sculpture Wind Waves taken by local photographer Jon Chiang. They were excellent and evocative.

This morning I checking out recent random photos of Vancouver Biennale on the Flickr stream and found another set of excellent photos by another excellent local photographer named Jonathan Pope.

All the shots by both of these local shutterbugs are amazing and I’m sure that I’ll be showcasing more of their work soon.

In the meantime check out these shots.

The sculpture captured here is titled Water #10 by Chinese artist Jun Ren.  It is located at Cambie Plaza, Richmond, Cambie and River Road.

Jon Chiang Water Richmond 02

Looking up at Water #10. Photo by Jonathon Pope.


Jon Chiang 03 Richmond

A little perspective. Photo by Jonathon Pope.

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