Vancouver Biennale Wins Education Award!

Monday April 23rd, 2012

The Vancouver Biennale has won the Arts Champion in Education Award! We thank ArtStarts In Schools and ArtsBC for recognizing the Vancouver Biennale and all of the students, teachers and schools who are participating in the Vancouver Biennale BIG IDEAS Educational program.

“We are thrilled to publicly recognize the efforts of the Vancouver Biennale,” says Navida Nuraney, Executive Director of ArtStarts in Schools. “We worked with them in partnership to present ‘BIG IDEAS’, an exhibition of student art inspired by the Vancouver Biennale’s sculptures, and have witnessed first hand the care, attention and passion they put into their projects. They have a remarkable ability to connect and resonate with people of all ages.”

The Vancouver Biennale is committed to building a legacy of inspired education by using art as an access point to learning across all disciplines. Our unique learning platform is not an art class, but instead uses art to arouse a sense of wonder and curiosity in children about the world around them and facilitates learners to reach their true potential through the power of visual arts literacy.

Our programs are designed to provide inquiry-based experiential opportunities for learning and self-expression that foster creativity and innovation, culturally diverse perspectives, improve creative thinking and problem solving, and encourage teamwork and self-confidence.

The Vancouver Biennale BIG IDEAS education program provides the forum for learners of all ages, cultural backgrounds and education levels to respond, create and take action on global contemporary topics through the Vancouver Biennale art exhibition.

Has your school partnered with the Vancouver Biennale?

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