What Have You Learned Lately?

Tuesday June 7th, 2016

Every October a group of educators and artists gather at the Vancouver Biennale office to share curriculum plans and project proposals for grade K – 12 students at schools across the lower mainland.

Every May the artists and teachers return to our office after a term of creative classroom endeavours to share the stories and lessons learned from students who participated in our Big Ideas program.

This year the guiding theme for the Big Ideas program was Art As A Catalyst For Learning, drawn directly from our mandate. 1500 students from 28 schools worked with 19 local artists on creative projects. Take a closer look at the different projects and the Vancouver Biennale artworks that inspired them here.


big ideas crofton field trip 2016 BIG IDEAS Hillcrest 2016 Bird Wrap BIG IDEAS Hillcrest Giants 2016 BIG IDEAS Crofton House web 2016 BIG IDEAS Mitchell 2 2016 BIG IDEAS Hillcrest 1 2016 (2) BIG IDEAS McKinney 2 2016 (2) BIG IDEAS Kerrisdale 2 2016 (2) BIG IDEAS Cedardale 2 2016 (2) BIG IDEAS Cedardele 1 2016 (3) BIG IDEAS  Pauline Johnson performance 2016 (2) BIG IDEAS Eagle Mountain 2 2016 (2) BIG IDEAS Eagle Mountain 1 2016 (2)BIG IDEAS Crofton 2016 Code BIG IDEAS Crofton 2016 Scale Model BIG IDEAS Crofton 2016 Map BIG IDEAS Crofton 2016 Web BIG IDEAS Cedardale 2016 Open House (5) BIG IDEAS Cedardale 2016 Light Experiment (2) BIG IDEAS Cedardale 2016 Open House 2 BIG IDEAS Cedardale 2016 Light Stick 2 (2) BIG IDEAS Cedardale 2016 wall (5)BIG IDEAS Woodward 2016 Working on GiantsBIG IDEAS Archibald 2016 Rup with StudentsBIG IDEAS Archibald 2016 teacher w studentBIG IDEAS Qayqayt 2016 on 3d art 2

BIG IDEAS Qayqayt 2016 at WBIG IDEAS Qayqayt 2016 at Furniture

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