Julia Carr


Julia Carr

Teaching Languages: English, French



Julia Carr is a Vancouver-based dancer, choreographer, educator and emerging photographer. She began intensive movement training at Arts Umbrella, in 1996, when invited to join their youth dance company under the directorship of Artemis Gordon. Julia now holds a B.Sc. Biology from Acadia University, an MA in Dance Performance from the University of Limerick (Ireland), received the Vancouver Foundation’s 2004/2005 Advanced
Arts Study Award to attend the Ballet BC Mentor Program, and was hired to apprentice with EDAM Dance for their 2007/2008 season. Also in 2008, Julia helped to found Body Narratives Collective (BNC) and began acting as Assistant Artistic Director for Dancestreams, a repertory youth dance company based on Vancouver Island (www.dancestreams.ca).

Carr has facilitated both professional and community-engaged dance and interdisciplinary projects as co-director of BNC, and has connected with several elementary and highschool classrooms through Artstarts. She also dances for Aeriosa Dance Society (aerial), Compaigni V’ni Dansi (Métis), Raven Spirit Dance (indigenous driven), as well as independent choreographers. Julia has performed professional works authored by: Peter Bingham, Yvonne Chartrand, Jennifer Clarke, Sara Coffin, Henry Daniel, Deb Heard, Caroline Liffmann, Madelaine (Maddy) McCallum, Kathleen McDonagh, Michelle Olson, Kathryn Ricketts, Amelia Rudolph, and Julia Taffe. Carr is equally proficient at dancing in studio and theatres as she is at dancing suspended from heights, on vertical surfaces, or in the woods, beaches, public parks, urban spaces, and art galleries. Both site-specific and theatre based works are central to her creative practice. As a choreographer, Carr has made dances for unusual sites such as tidal flats, wetlands, gardens, swimming pools and living rooms as well as dances for stage.






Julia developed a program that was practical and suited my requirements for the subsequent project. She kept the material fresh and intriguing for the students. Her classes were interesting, entertaining and challenging enough to engage the entire class. Unanimously the class, including students enrolled in regular extracurricular dance class, the shy and self-conscious as well as the high performance athletes, felt they had fun and learned something new.” — Lisa Nordman, Grade 6/7 Teacher, Kerrisdale Elementary School



As a former Vancouver Aquarium Interpreter Julia can make both art and science topics accessible. Julia’s enthusiasm and passion for dance motivates and engages all ages to participate and receive their own health and wellbeing benefits from dancing.

Julia’s workshop helps students discover how to use dance to investigate subjects such as anatomy, physics, biology and languages. Dance can make learning any subject fun for students. Julia consults with teachers to target specific learning requirements, then leads students through a series of participatory exercises and improvisational scores to achieve those educational objectives.

Suitable for K to Grade 12


Required equipment/facility/materials/teacher Resources for Workshop:

Require a large room (gym or studio) to work in. The more space, the better!

Maximum 30 students per class


School District Availability:

Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminister, North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, West Vancouver.