Home by the Sea

Luis Fernando Peláez, Colombia


Title: Home by the Sea
Artist: Luis Fernando Peláez (b. 1945, Colombia)
Medium: Rough sheet metal with a concrete base
Dimensions (H x W x D): 320 x 230 x 120 cm (126 x 91 x 47 in)
Weight: Approximately 3,670 kg (8,091 lbs)
Former Location: Devonian Harbour Park (1929 West Georgia Street at Denman) in Vancouver (for the 2014 – 2016 Vancouver Biennale exhibition)

In its Vancouver location Home by the Sea, while framing the city’s shoreline, provided a place of respite along the boundary between land and ocean.  When asked to describe the form, the artist declared that this abstracted house split in two had been “opened in the centre, closed at the side . . .  a nest of wind and night.”  In its urban park location the 10.5-foot sculpture, cast in rough sheet metal, referenced Coal Harbour’s history as a maritime hub.

Like much of Peláez’s work, Home by the Sea explores the poetic potential of space.  In fracturing the iconic shape of the house, the artist bridges the boundaries between industrial and natural, earth and sea, inside and outdoors.  The narrow pathway at the heart of the sculpture asks us to reflect upon the borders—natural and conceptual—that we cross every day.

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