Drifted Figures

By Steffi Bernal, 2011

School/Organization: Sullivan Heights Secondary

Drifted Figures are 13 eighteen centimetre sculptures made to be seen walking aimlessly just drifted outside the water. The medium is found in South Surrey’s own Crescent Beach. The wood to form each piece are individually hand-picked and exclusively selected to display the uniqueness of each driftwood originally created by Mother Nature herself. Two small wood pieces were tied with thin twine which were braided together to make a ship like knot. The image then again is placed and captured in Crescent Beach where the materials were originally taken from. These figures are purposely made to be headless, with only the bottom torso shown to represent the metaphor behind each piece. These pieces are made to highlight each of the figure’s uniqueness and sharp features, thus additionally creating an illusion of their similarity when looked at from afar. These figures struggle to walk as they are planted in the sand. This is made to represent the different journeys and obstacles of which each common man partakes in life. The water is a representation of a journey while the rope tied around the figures are obstacles a man endures, the textures of wood on the other hand represent the experience of various kinds of man represented through the various kinds of figures.

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