No Recognition

By Saif El Husseini, 2011

School/Organization: King George

Grade/Program: Grade 11

Teacher: Allison Kerr/Jessica Jang

Media: Photoshop

Recognition of the wild animals and human beings are not met – I see repression on both sides, ecologically and environmentally. The location doesn’t seem to satisfy the birds and human beings. The human beings are repressed by the terms of architectural structures. It seems unpleasant and less ideal. In terms of the wild animals, it’s not ideal as a living environment as it lacks a good habitat and doesn’t provide privacy. The cement in the photograph represents the imperfections of architecture caused by nature due to the lack of a good hypothesis which would prevent its construction to be destroyed. It is unpleasant to wild animals because it lacks a natural habitat and doesn’t provide privacy as the lagoon is structured within the concept of exposing habitats to the human eye.

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