The Letter

By Catherine Cheng, Dasha Cotic-Ehn, Chris Lee, Sara Marjanovic, Jacky Ngai, Tiffany Royrock, Michelle Villalobos., 2011

School/Organization: King George

Grade/Program: Grade 12

Teacher: Allison Kerr/Jessica Jang

Media: Sculpture

When we are repressed, we rarely express our emotions, because we fear of the judgements of others. In our letters of repression, we express our thoughts and emotions to alleviate these negative experiences. Using a thread, we manipulated and intertwined our letters to show the collective struggle of mankind. Repression is a universal human experience, unbeknownst to most people. We have created a small shelter to hide from the negativity of this world. At the bottom of the shelter, our letters start off clean and unaltered. As you follow the papers towards the bottom, they begin to be manipulated and deteriorated. As time goes on, we allow our emotions to corrupt unless we voice ourselves.

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