Daniel Woodward Elementary • We Are All Connected

In this project, students worked to understand their connections to one another and to the environment. Students engaged in a process of self-reflection and discovery to tell their own personal stories. They developed an understanding of how their stories influence their interactions with others and the world around them. Students also learned about the reciprocal relationship between humans and their environment and how we shape and are shaped by our environments. They learned about the unique environment and landforms of Richmond (the school’s geographical location) and how these physical landforms have influenced the development of their community.
Furthermore, the students learned about how the availability of resources within an environment impacts communities, both their formation and their development.  Specifically, students considered the importance of water and how water connects us to each other around the globe. Students developed an appreciation of their impact on this critical resource and how their actions affect the environment both locally and globally.
Working with artist Amy – Claire Huestis, the students visited the local salmon hatchery, as well as Terra Nova Park to consider the role water plays on our Earth and in our lives. Huestis has incorporated watercolor and India-ink painting styles into this project. Each student strung their pictures together creating their own “story.”  The class created their own “Tree” with each student’s story cascading down from a branch like water flowing down a stream.


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