We Are Ocean : Module 3

Cease and Oli are back for Module 3 of We Are Ocean Vancouver called “Are We Robots?”

On this Teacher Page you will find the Learning Video to watch with your students, and the corresponding Educational Guide offering content for lesson plans and activity ideas. It’s an amazing journey of learning.

In this module, Cease and Oli will discuss how glaciers and water are transformative living things.  Water is the most sacred element on Earth. It has the power to transform into many versions of itself. Water can rise up to form clouds and then transform into either rain, hail, snow or mist.

Glaciers are melting due to global warming. Cease and Oli will explore the consequences this is having on bodies of water along the land colonially known as British-Columbia, and the direct repercussions on local ecosystems, particularly how Pacific salmon are being threatened by warmer water temperature.

As an in-class or at-home activity, participants will explore robots and create a prototype that will look for evidence of climate change on glaciers, the ocean, rivers, lakes or biotic elements on the land.

Don’t forget about our free WE ARE OCEAN Vancouver App. It’s a super fun way to have students engage with the program virtually by submitting their work for all to see. You never know, Cease and Oli might feature one of your students in their next Learning Video. We look forward to seeing their creative works inspired by WE ARE OCEAN Vancouver!

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