I Have A Dream – Gifu, Japan

Arts Education, Science, Art & Farming


Gifu, Japan


Project Team

Noda Tomoyuki, Artist Collaborator

Wakaba School Kinderarten Class



As farmland is being reduced around the globe, “I Have A Dream” Global Community Project hopes to draw attention to farming practices and communities by inviting artists to collaborate with farmers to sow fields or grow gardens in the shape of “I Have a Dream” in their own language. This community-based project takes art out of the studio and into the community and use art to empower communities through farming and gardening.

Gifu, Japan Project: Where does food come from?



Artist Tomoyuki Noda and the kindergarten students from Wakaba School in Gifu, Japan shared their journey participating in the Vancouver Biennale “I Have a Dream” Global Community Art Project facilitated by the Biennale International Artist Residency artist, Shweta Bhattad.

Students learned about the life cycle of plants through a hands-on project of growing spinach and radishes from seeds at school. The students shared and documented their observation throughout the life cycle by creating whimsical and artistic drawings.


Time Line

May to July, 2014



This “Growing Up to be Delicious!” project was initiated by Kinetic Sculpture Artist Tomoyuki  Noda in collaboration with a kindergarten class. The students first planted spinach and radish seeds in milk cartons with soil to start off. The children watched seeds and inquired

  • “These become to be spinach’s?”
  • “It is so tiny seeds.”
  • “These green seeds become to be white radishes?”
  • “How bud will come out?”

The students took responsibilities in caring the plant such as watering and seeding. As the buds develop, the students planned and transferred the crops to large planters. They watched the plant grew and  discussed what happens below the surface. When the crops are ready for harvest, the students prepared the vegetable for cooking and shared a delicious meal. The students talked about the joy of harvesting – “Grow up to be big and delicious!”

Through this hands on project, the students learned the fundamental steps in the farming process and an understanding of  the important steps in our food system.



Visual maps of  how root vegetables grow

Edible vegetables and nutritious meals