Queen Mary Elementary: Connecting Art and Science

Arts Education, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

School: Queen Mary Elementary, Vancouver

Teacher: Maria King

Artist Collaborators: Stephen Booth

Class: Grade 5/6



Inspired by the Vancouver Biennale sculpture Public Furniture | Urban Trees, students inquired into trees and wood products in Brazil and Canada. In an outdoor school setting at Spanish Bank, students connect science with art in a natural environment.


Connection to the Vancouver Biennale Exhibition

Through the visit to the Vancouver Biennale Public Furniture | Urban Trees, the students created their own art installation using recycle, natural materials at Spanish Bank.

Inspired by the Vancouver Biennale Public Furniture | Urban Trees, the students compared and contrasted the natural resources in Canada and Brazil.



Connecting science and art through our natural environment.


Guiding Questions

How can we express ourselves through art using natural materials?


Learning Process/Inquiry challenges:

The students spent a day in Jericho Beach. The exploration provided the location, inspiration, and materials for the creation of artworks. The approach was similar to Andy Goldsworthy blended with the subject and inspiration of Hugo Franca. The students utilized found objects and themselves to construct temporary installations. The installations and performance was documented.


Cross-Curricular Access

  • Arts Education – variety of media using natural materials
  • Social Studies – compare and contrast natural resources in Canada and Brazil
  • Career and Health Planning – responsible use of natural resources
  • ScienceĀ  – natural resources local and international