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Elvira DS

Website www.monteforte.com/ElviraDS

Teaching languages: English and Spanish



I am a happy ¨Canexican” artist who was born, lived, studied and married in Mexico City. I am now living in Vancouver as a proud Canadian since 2006. I see value in cultural cast-offs and love to transform discarded items into “urban ornaments” as a form of public art. I´m curious about how recycled materials that are ubiquitous throughout our culture can be up-cycled into “trash- art” treasures– original art works of infinite possibility. Through mixed mediums and painted objects, I have inferred various messages that challenge our cultural notions of purpose, dispensability, beauty and time.  I have worked with wide range of ages and projects including murals in collaboration with kids of 5 and 6 years old, and workshop using plastic remnants to make original designs with children 8- 12 years. This past year I also worked with high school students in North Vancouver to create  Public Space-Urban Art projects and more across the Lower Mainland.



Painted objects, Public Art, H.O.T. (Highly Ornamented Trash), using disposable, recycling, reused items. Digital Photo compositions.



Workshops can be designed to suit the school, classroom, or current thematic projects.


School District Availability:

Open to any school district in the Vancouver area

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