Parker Kay (Toronto)


Parker Kay

Teaching language: English



Parker Kay is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer currently working in Toronto, Canada. Kay’s practice investigates the systems and structures that operate within art, architecture, and communication theory. Much of Kay’s work looks at the rise of Network Culture and how the proliferation of digital communication has permeated our lives and marked our landscapes. Kay’s recent publications include “A Cube Has Six Sides” (2016) and “100 Ears: Celebrating 100 years of Dada”(2017). Recent exhibitions include Motel Brooklyn (2017), Toronto Reference Library (2017), TOWARDS (2016), and Art Metropole (2015). Kay is currently a researcher and collections manager at The Archive of Modern Conflict. ”


Creative Competency:

Image-based Installation Artist/Writer


Workshop information:

Max 30 pupils per class.


School District Availability:

BIG IDEAS Anywhere – Toronto

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