Will Stroet


Will Stroet


Teaching Languages: English and French



Will Stroet of Will’s Jams is a JUNO-, WCMA- and CFMA-nominated musician, CBC Kids, Universal Kids and Kidoodle TV star, educator and dad. He is beloved for his original rock, folk, and blues music with witty wordplay and catchy choruses in English and French. Since 2005, Will has performed 2,000 shows in schools, theatres and festivals across Canada and China for young audiences..

As a former French immersion music teacher, Will understands how to work effectively with students and offers interactive songwriting workshops that involve critical thinking, creative writing, call and response, actions, presentation skills, recording and live performance opportunities. Will teaches students about the basics of songwriting including lyric, chorus and verse composition; rhythm and rhyme schemes, melody; and about writing song structures (for blues, folk, pop). Students will  then collaboratively compose a song tied to a curriculum theme or topic with Will that will be ready to perform in a final presentation. Recording the song at the school with the students is an additional add-on available to schools.


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Any districts in Lower Mainland


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