Maggie Winston (Montreal)

Drama / Puppetry

Maggie Winston

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Teaching Languages: English



Maggie Winston is a puppeteer and community engaged artist who facilitates transformative creative processes with an emphasis on inclusion and imagination. Recipient of Vancouver Mayor’s Arts Award- Emerging Artist in Community Arts. Lost & Found Puppet Co. has toured throughout BC and internationally. Productions explore human relationships to objects such as stories about lost socks, giant junk monsters, larger-than-life invasive plant species, or grandma’s memories in her recycled quilt.



Drama and Puppetry



Working with Maggie is in short, awesome. She is talented, organized, creative and really really fun. The students loved their time with Maggie and were sad for it to come to an end. Maggie brought out their best. She never had to raise her voice or ask twice. Her professionalism and love for what she does shine through brightly when she teaches which inevitably creates an atmosphere of safety and comfort. Even the most non-risk taking of students were fully engaged with Maggie by the end.” – Dana Yayoi Soga, Grade 4/5 Teacher


I have witnessed the high quality of Maggie’s work as a teacher, performing artist and facilitator. She has that rare combination of a wildly inventive imagination, an intelligent ability to transfer artistic skills to the general public, a keen sensitivity to all types of people, and a great spirit of social activism. Maggie is also organized, articulate, and responsible in her execution of the many details community art projects entail. And most importantly, she is a cooperative, fun and inspiring colleague. Additionally, she has her own productive and successful puppet theatre organization, Lost & Found Puppet Co.” –  Laura Barron, Musician/Writer and Artistic Director of Instruments of Change, member of Something Collective


Her enthusiasm for theatre is contagious, she has an easy and natural ability to work with children, and her professionalism is evident in everything she does. Maggie is an accomplished performer and puppeteer. I have seen her perform in several shows and she is always polished and well rehearsed. I particularly enjoyed Just Enough — Maggie produced, created the puppet and performed in this puppet play. I had the opportunity to see this play in its early stages with my daughter who loved it. Since this time, Maggie has toured this production throughout the world. I can recommend Maggie highly; the students throughout the province will definitely benefit from her creativity, talent and expertise. Please contact me if I can provide additional information.” –  Renee Iaci, Arts Umbrella Theatre Instructor and Artistic Director of Shameless Hussy Productions



Students will create an original performance that involves theatre with masks, costumes, original text and puppets in various forms. Content of the project is student driven, guided by ideas from the artist. Students can expect to engage with critical thinking and artistic contemplation. Each project with a class is different and will be mutually decided upon between the teacher and the artist.


Suitable for K to Grade 12

10-12 sessions of 1-1.5 hr. each, depending availability of teacher (include 1 field trip) +  1-2 project planning session


Required equipment/facility/materials/teacher Resources for Workshop:

Space to move around in. Desks for making art. Materials are dependent upon the project

Maximum 35 students per class


School District Availability

BIG IDEAS Anywhere – Montreal. Also available for projects in Vancouver depending on availability,