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Teaching Languages: English



Stephen is an award winning Canadian born artist that has been exhibiting and selling his artwork internationally through galleries, commissions and group shows. His sculpted works range from large scale permanent pieces to small temporary installations. The subjects, styles and mediums he has explored are equally varied. For eight years, He studied, worked and taught in Britain and was the former Studio Representative for the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Through the (ESW) Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and other institutions such as the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland, he has taught a variety of age groups, skill levels and special needs groups in courses ranging from figurative drawing and illustration to clay sculpture and studies in portraiture. Stephen has continued with his teaching through self directed classes at locations throughout greater Vancouver after he returned to Canada in 2003.



Clay Sculpture, Visual Art Survey, Drawing, Portrait Sculpture, Figurative Sculpture, Mask Making, Life Drawing, Illustration Instructor, Installations

Skill Saw, Table Saw, Ban Saw, Drills, Grinders, Sanders, Armature Making, Waste and Rubber Mold Making, Electric and Gas Kiln Firing, Silk Screen Printing, Photography, Canvas Construction and Preparation, Concrete Casting, Hydrostone Casting, Clay Modelling, Wood and Clay Carving, Digital Retouching and Manipulation, Web Page Design & Animation, Video Editing

“My projects, travels and studies have enabled me to work with and teach artists from many different countries and cultures. I have good interpersonal, analytical and communication skills in addition to strong teaching experience. I believe that learning should be both enjoyable and informative and strive to create an open and interactive environment employing group critiques and individual projects in my classes. I endeavour to work with and react to the needs, concerns and interests of my students. In both my art and teaching I believe that alternate views and vantage points offer unique insight and that there are limitless approaches to tackle a given problem.” Stephen Booth MFA



“I have known Stephen Booth’s education work in a variety of contexts and for a number of years. As Senior Education Officer at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. I employed Stephen to undertake a series of community workshops around an exhibition looking at the history and development of the portrait bust. The workshops were undertaken with a variety of community groups including parents with their children people with learning disability and people with visual impairment. Stephen worked extremely well with the participants, animating a potentially difficult subject and assisting in the development of a range of skills from practical to critical. I participated in a workshop myself and I found Stephen to be very approachable and informative workshop leader.

As part of the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s annual Education program, Stephen has undertaken evening and weekend classes in clay sculpture for a number of years. As acting Development Manager for the Edinburgh Sculpture workshop in 2002, I was responsible for the organization and evaluation of the program and Stephen’s classes were always well subscribed and the participants gave excellent feedback in terms of the course content (which was devised by Stephen) and teaching methods.

I hope the above demonstrates Stephen’s considerable abilities as an art educator. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stephen for any aspect of art education work.”

Lisa Kapur, Arts Officer City of Edinburgh Council



Stephen’s teaching spans both traditional and experimental modes of installation and rendering. He offers an adaptive approach to art and enjoys and encourages creative problem solving. In his work and teaching, he has navigated through numbers of topics, mediums and styles. He encourages the development of communication and observational skills as he works with the class through their own explorations. He is able to offer workshops in a number of conventional visual artistic practice, such as illustration, drawing and modelling. Any given project, workshop or talk would be tailored to the group with consideration to the participants age, class numbers, facilities etc. Suitable projects may also be designed, in consultation with the teacher, to form a collaborative artwork.


Suitable for Grade 4 to Grade 12

2 – 3 classroom sessions of 90 – 120 minutes each + 1 project planning session + 1 field trip


Required equipment/facility/materials/teacher Resources for Workshop:

Any workshop’s material and facility requirements are to be determined through consultation with the class teacher. Any projects material nature will be designed to accommodate the constraints of work environment, potential presentation sites as well as the skills of the participants involved.

Maximum 30 students per class


School District Availability:

Burnaby, North Vancouver, Richmond, Vancouver, West Vancouver.