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Teaching Languages: English



Paula Skimin is a multifaceted dancer, choreographer, adjudicator and educator, trained in Jazz, Ballet and Tap. In 1997 Paula formed a successful tap dance company called Turn On The Tap. As Artistic Director Paula produced and created many productions featuring original scores, collaborating with various mediums such as photography, live music, poetry and multimedia, continually fusing her art form making her a progressive performance artist. Paula is a dynamic Educator, and an Arts Integrated specialist. Her teaching has been widely received throughout Canada and the US. She was on faculty for 10 years at Sheridan College in the Musical Theatre program, a Principal Artist with Learning Through The Arts a program under the auspices of The Royal Conservatory of Music, and as a dance consultant has taught workshops at the University of Toronto, the Royal Conservatory of Music and as a Guest Artist at the University of Michigan and Capilano University in the Musical Theatre Programs. She is currently living in Vancouver and can be found teaching at Harbour Dance and the Rhythm Room. Paula is also a certified Mat Work Pilates Instructor, and Creative Facilitator for workplaces and schools, with her own companies Movethought and Tap Into Learning.



Dance, Percussive Movement, Choreography, Improvisation



“Paula engaged students in a series of lessons that allowed them to add movement to their poetry. She immediately gained their respect and had them thinking and moving with a sense of musicality that students remarked, they had never experienced before. Paula taught students how to breathe life into their poems by moving beyond the literal interpretation of the words. She challenged them to use their bodies and free their minds; to feel the words rather than just saying them. Paula’s workshops were a breath of fresh air in our classroom. Her straight to business attitude and genuine love of music and dance permeated the classroom.” Michelle Phillips Grade 7 Teacher Carisbrooke Elementary, North Vancouver


Ms. Skimin has an approach to teaching that is thorough, innovative and energetic. She manages to keep her students enthused and encouraged, therefore producing a confident and mature performance.” Gillian Saunders, Head of Dance Discipline, Sheridan College


“Paula is passionate about dance and it shows in everything that she does. She is very personable with a strong work ethic and commitment to responsibilities. Her integrity and knowledge of dance would be an asset to any school.” Larry Gerow, Branksome Hall Music Department


Paula is an incredibly creative choreographer, who made sure that the children had both a positive and meaningful experience. She taught them multiple dances in a fun, safe, and developmentally appropriate way. Paula’s collaborative spirit, patience and commitment to our show, made working with her an extremely enjoyable experience for everyone involved.” Keri Smith-Drama Teacher, Talmud Torah Vancouver



Paula Skimin Tapping Into The Wisdom of Rhythm:

Paula loves to work with students and teachers to create a tapestry of movement, rhythm and emotion. By directing a beautiful balance between collaboration and individual expression, she bases her teaching on the fundamentals of tap dancing, bringing a unique approach to the classroom. Paula is a very responsive teacher with an innovative and flexible approach. She is highly musical and dynamically creative, with the ability to interweave body percussion, movement and style, building a safe environment for all abilities, ages and subjects, that seamlessly connect to the curriculum. Her innovative approach taps into a brain body connection that students and teachers never forget.
Suitable for Grade 3 to 8

6 classroom sessions of 90 minutes each + 1 field trip) + 1 project planning session


Required equipment/facility/materials/teacher Resources for Workshop:

Gym or Activity Room, name tags

Maximum 30 students per class


School District Availability:

BIG IDEAS Anywhere – Toronto, Ontario