Breaking The Rules With Peter Liversidge

Tuesday March 29th, 2016

Written by Vancouver Biennale Team Member Ghazaleh

Last week we unveiled our latest project to come out of the International Artist Residency Program, Rules For Vancouver, a text based work by British artist Peter Liversidge. The 17 rules are displayed in 10 transit shelters across the city.
Rule number 3, Keep everything at arms length has been one of my favourite rules, may it be that it speaks to my slightly compulsive mind, I kept repeating this rule in various situations in my mind, like in my studio: Keep everything at arms length. In this scenario, I took a few items out of my bag and placed them in front of my partner’s hands, keeping it at arms length -for the both of us-.
Keep everything at arms length
Rule 12, Cover Up has one of the least votes in our survey so far and it makes me feel bad for this rule. Despite what it could mean, I like that this rule is so short and consists of only two words, even though mistakenly I keep turning it into one word: Coverup. I decided to take this wordplay out of my mind and into realization. Here, the execution of Cover Up has taken an unexpectedly sculptural form.


What rules will you take off paper and play and interact with? Which rules would you write for our city? Tell us here
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The artists who are selected to participate in  The Vancouver Biennale International Artists Residency program are rising stars in their own countries. The artists are required to involve the community in the realization of their projects. This program brings artists together in dialogue and builds lasting connections between the artists and the local community.

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