H.T. Thrift Sharing at 2016 Vancouver Biennale BIG IDEAS Celebration

The grade 1/2 class from H.T. Thrift decided to use the Blue Tree project to explore the importance of forests and the impacts of deforestation. We started our investigation with a field trip to Sunnyside Urban Acres. After spending some time examining trees and other parts of the forest, we drew our own trees and turned them into beautiful watercolour and pastel pictures.  Our class was able to use clay for the first time to create our own trees – we enjoyed shaping these with our hands and adding details and animals! We also made our own tree stamps with wooden blocks and sticky foam! We spent a lot of time talking about the amount of wood products and by-products encountered in daily life. We discovered that paper is made from trees, so after watching a video about the paper making process, we collected the recycled paper bins in the school and decided to upcycle the paper, decorate them with our handmade tree stamps, and turn them into paper fortune tellers for our final presentation! Just before Spring Break we set up a display of our cumulative projects and invited our big buddy class to check out all of our hard artistic work, and shared everything we learned throughout the process!


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