Mitchell Sharing at 2016 Richmond BIG IDEAS Celebration

This Mitchell Elementary BIG IDEAS project was guided by the First Peoples Principles of Learning teaching us that learning is embedded in memory, history, and story, and that it requires exploration of one’s identity. There is a story within each of us. Each of us is a storyteller. The Totem represents our stories. It is a Talking Pole of sorts that documents the voices of our past, present and future. By listening carefully, we hear the voices of our ancestors. By living mindfully, we create meaningful stories of the present. By forward thinking, we leave a sustainable legacy for future generations. Together, the talking poles form the Circle, a community built upon the values and voices of our totems. In this project, Talking Poles-The Voices of Our Totems, the students learn to listen, find our voice and discover the voices of our community.


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