Rules For Vancouver – The Results Are In!

Tuesday May 10th, 2016

After 4 weeks, 2250 votes and 548 rules submitted by you, the Poll for Rules for Vancouver, has come to its finale. During its 4 week run the Rules for Vancouver project by International Residency Artist Peter Liversidge has captured the attention of our city.

Even though the installations have been removed and the project has concluded, your thoughts and ideas will not. Your response has been grand and valuable and we would love to highlight some of your rules here.

Vancouverites, we asked and you voted! From the 17 rules in Peter Liversidge’s original artwork:

  • Third place Rule 7: DO NOT cause damage to Vancouver, accidental or not, with 400 votes.
  • Second place Rule 17: Remember to keep looking, with 431 votes.
  • first place goes to Rule 4: When walking either on public or private land you must always, always, move and dress like a monk, with 577 Votes.
  • We can probably expect more monk-wear around town.
    Taking a deeper look at the 548 rules that individuals submitted to the project it becomes clear that most of your concerns are road related, environmental, community based and about being friendlier. With rules like:

    • STOP standing still to chat in the middle of a bike lane!
    • Slow down at all 4-way stops. (Biennale Note: ideally, we’d like to see people actually stop at four way stops.)
    • If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
    • Respect cyclists, and always do a last-second check before turning left or right.
    • RESPECT your city streets, natural environment and fellow citizens.
    • SMILE and treat others kindly
    • Be “REAL” Friendly to anyone.
    • No disposable plastic water bottles
    • Whatever you take into the parks and our nature – you take out. Respect nature over garbage.
    • Take a bag while on a walk and pick up all garbage.

    And these are just to name a few…Then there are some interesting rules that really make you think and wonder what that would be like if:

    • All single people must carry their Starbucks coffee in their left hand
    • Between July 1st and September 1st work weeks should end on Thursdays.
    • Wear an all-white wardrobe on rainy days.

    To explore all of submitted the rules click here.

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    The artists who are selected to participate in  The Vancouver Biennale International Artists Residency program are rising stars in their own countries. The artists are required to involve the community in the realization of their projects. This program brings artists together in dialogue and builds lasting connections between the artists and the local community.

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