By Allison Eng, 2011

School/Organization: Magee

Grade/Program: Grade 10

Teacher: Susan Richardson

Media: Mixed Media

This piece is inspired by the Vancouver Biennale Exhibition in 2009-2011: WE, 2008 (Jaume Plensa, Spain). I used paper, adhesive stickers, acrylic paint, cardboard, recycles greeting cards, and photographs to create mixed media collages. I wanted this collage to represent who I am now, along with a few snippets of my past that made me what I am today. I approached this piece without an outline, with no plans or arrangements. The collage took on a life of its own and created itself I suppose. Each colour and piece I had (which were put in a box under my bed unappreciated for years I might add!) magically fit together perfectly. I want this piece to be open to interpretation by the viewers, hoping you may have a different understanding of this piece than the next person who follows. I am honored to be featured in this art show, thank you all for seeing this little part of me.

Source of Inspiration

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