By Christine Chen, 2011

School/Organization: Magee

Grade/Program: Grade 10

Teacher: Susan Richardson

Media: Mixed Media

This piece is inspired by the Vancouver Biennale Exhibition in 2009-2011: WE, 2008 (Jaume Plensa, Spain).

I came from a very loud and populated country, Chong Qing, China. I began this piece by putting together events that happened in China and my immigration to Vancouver, Canada. This piece symbolizes my favourite memories in my lifetime. I decided to draw most of my collage and used other materials to make my artwork stand out. I have merged a leopard, pop art and the letter “C” together on the left and letters, numbers and the map of China together on the right. On the left side the top represents what I saw in China and the bottom represents what I have seen in Vancouver. The right side of my piece is the combination of the different culture and knowledge I learned from my home country and Canada, as it’s shown in the numbers emerging into the alphabet. The special elements in this artpiece are the Chinese flag and the initial “C”. These two things are the highlight symbols that I want people to recognise. The initial “C” is a tattoo symbolizing my English name in the new western culture and the Chinese flag reminds me of my origins and my family.

Source of Inspiration

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