By Thomas Yuan, 2011

School/Organization: Windermere

Grade/Program: Ceramics and Sculpture 12

Teacher: Kory Bogen

Media: Ceramic, Sculpture

This piece is inspired by the Vancouver Biennale Exhibition in 2009-2011: Wind Waves (Yvonne Domenge, Mexico). Nature is source of inspiration in many aspects of life. My sculpture demonstrates this in regards to architecture. I chose various marine elements and incorporated them into my work. The patterns embossed on the structure I’ve created are nautilus shells and sand dollars. After firing the building, it went through an oxide wash to bring out the details. The most challenging part of the project was creating a relevant design that fits within the parameters of the patterns. The structure that I have created is made up of three blocks of varying sizes and heights. On top of each partition are curvy roofs which mimic the dynamic movement of ocean currents. In addition, the placement of the roofs are made to look like an ocean wave building up before it hits shore. Overall, my sculpture was created around an aquatic theme.

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