Past Learning Cases

BIG IDEAS Digital Learning Cases describe the what, how, and when of past projects of BIG IDEAS in-School. Project reflections from teachers, artists and learners are documented as evidence on how the unit of study open inquiry or create cross–curricular learning opportunity. Learners and teachers are asked to reflect on ways they have grown as a learner or professionally.

Learning Cases

2017 Making Global Connection

Vancouver Biennale’s BIG IDEAS Education invites cross-curricular project proposals that focus on the theme of global connections throughout the entire inquiry learning process. Successful submissions should articulate clear and significant common concerns, community challenges, social issues or aspirations that communities across the globe may share. The inquiry process will focus on a specific Biennale art installation(s) that inspires the BIG IDEAS project. Participants are encouraged to link with schools in other countries if possible. During a field trip (or BIG IDEAS Anywhere1 virtual tour) to the art installation(s) being studied participants are encouraged to explore specific aspects of the community around it and compare/contrast to another community(s) being studied in a different part of the world.

2015 Learning without Borders

Inspired by the 2014-2016 exhibition theme Open Borders / Crossroads Vancouver, teachers were invited to create projects that would aim to open up existing borders in the learning process or to open up borders in language, religion, ethnicity, nation, and Indigeneity. The project-based learning approach focus on the development of students’ communication and thinking skills, personal and social competencies. In 2015, 22 local professional artists have been placed in 68 classes across 7 school districts through the Vancouver Biennale BIG IDEAS artist collaborator grants.

2013 Arts in Action Series

The program inspires students to lead positive personal and social changes through collaboration within the local learning communities. In 2013, 20 talented local interdisciplinary artists were placed in 35 classrooms across five school districts through the Vancouver Biennale BIG IDEAS artist collaborator grants.

Inquiry Challenges

2010 King George School Great Race

A set of inquiry-based challenges were developed in collaboration with King George School and Learning Services of the Vancouver Board of Education. These learning challenges were piloted in 2010 where multi-grade student teams from King George School designed their exploratory routes to various Biennale sculptures. At each installation, the student team faces learning activities based on a BIG IDEA framed within a guiding question. These challenges are multidisciplinary in nature, embrace multiple-intelligences, and apply real world issues such as relationships, sustainability, First Nations issues and multiculturism.