Documentary Videos

BIG IDEAS Digital Resources include documentary videos about past BIG IDEAS school projects providing inspiring instructional samples for sharing among educators. The recent additions to BIG IDEAS documentary video education resources are selected films from the Biennale 2014 – 2016 Cinefest LIVE program.  Arrangements have been made for these screenings to be available online and at school to engage learners in cross-curricular learning and cross-cultural dialogue.


2016 Art as a Catalyst for Learning

Vancouver Biennale’s BIG IDEAS Education invites cross-curricular project proposals that demonstrate how art is a catalyst for learning throughout the entire project-based learning process. Successful submissions should articulate clear and direct linkages to specific Biennale art installation(s) that inspire the BIG IDEAS project, guiding questions, inquiry challenges, and art-infused creations. Submissions should also consider exploring specific aspects of the community around the art installation(s) that are relevant to the project theme as part of the field trip.

2015 Learning without Borders

Inspired by the 2014-2016 exhibition theme Open Borders / Crossroads Vancouver, teachers were invited to create projects that would aim to open up existing borders in the learning process or to open up borders in language, religion, ethnicity, nation, and Indigeneity. The project-based learning approach focus on the development of students’ communication and thinking skills, personal and social competencies. In 2015, 22 local professional artists have been placed in 68 classes across 7 school districts through the Vancouver Biennale BIG IDEAS artist collaborator grants.

2014 Cross-Curricular Challenge

Based on the 2014-2016 exhibition theme: Open Borders / Crossroads Vancouver, teachers were invited to either create their own project or bigger, collaborative cross-curricular projects with their colleagues. Projects cover a diverse range of topics including ecosystems, cultural diversity, science or emotional wellness with links to all curriculum areas. In 2014, 17 talented local interdisciplinary artists and 4 subject matter experts were placed in 51 classes across 7 school districts through the Vancouver Biennale BIG IDEAS artist collaborator grants. Three feature project videos were produced exploring the journey through the entire BIG IDEAS project-based learning process.

2014 – 2016 CineFest Live

Through Biennale Cinefest LIVE, BIG IDEAS is offering screenings of Ai Weiwei retrospective films and Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States episodes as catalyst for learning. The unique characteristics of film make it an effective communication medium for students to sympathize with historical actors and put themselves in the shoes of those who came before them in order to better understand the decisions these individuals made and the times in which they lived.

2012 Performance Series

The Vancouver Biennale took dance, music, drama and poetry to the streets to celebrate 2012 BC Arts and Culture and National Dance Week. An unprecedented lineup of 28 outdoor BIG IDEAS performances over eight consecutive days included 800 performers ranging from Grade 2 students to professionals.

2011 Visual Arts Exhibition Series

Students from six school districts were challenged to use public art as a stimulus for artistic response and cross-curricular learning. The inspired artworks explored BIG IDEAS on homelessness, cultural identity, science and technology, societal norms and the environment. 350 student BIG IDEAS artworks were selected from over 2,500 creations from 24 secondary and elementary schools to showcase in a series of eight gallery exhibits. Go to BIG IDEAS Artwork section to view selected student creations.